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ALFAVITO Loyalty Program

Terms and conditions of the loyalty program

  • The discount card for ALFAVITO will be activated within one day after completing the questionnaire (questionnaire issued for Reception, and Restaurant).
  • ALFAVITO discount card cannot be transferred to another person.
  • Only one discount card can be registered to each guest who fulfills the requirements to be a part of the loyalty program.
  • For the guest to receive the discount he/she must show their discount card or to provide proof of identity to verify that he/she is in fact a discount card holder. Otherwise, the hotel may refuse to grant the discount.
  • In case of change of personal data, please report these changes in a timely manner by phone: +38 044 220 45 75 or by e-mail:  info@alfavito.com.ua
  • Members of the loyalty program have to be at least 18 years of age and have collected the necessary amount of hryvnia on their personal ALFAVITO account throughout their stay(s) at the hotel.
  • Participants in the discount program are guaranteed to receive a discount on the following amenities:  residence at ALFAVITO, Piano Restaurant services, lobby bar, cafe-bar FORTE, Double Decker cafe and summer terrace.


The discount amount corresponds to the sum of the hryvnia on the personal account of the guest:

  • 60 thousand hryvnia - 10% discount
  • 100 thousand hryvnia - 15% discount
  • 200 thousand hryvnia - 20% discount.


The discount card is not available if the guest is served at special rates.

ALFAVITO hotel reserves the right to cancel the discount card in case of violations of the rules and conditions of the loyalty program, and to also make changes to the rules of the loyalty program.

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