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Tourist fee

Payers of the tourism tax may not be a person who:

  • constantly resides, including the terms of employment contracts in the country, town or city, by the council of which such tax was established;
  • persons who came on a business trip (to be provided with benefits) must submit the original (or certified copy) of the order (direction) to send an employee on a business trip, stating: destination and the place where the employee will be working, name of the enterprise, purpose and length of travel). In addition, the above order (direction) must be fully completed properly and have all the necessary requirements for this type of document (order number and date, signature of the head, seal of the enterprise);
  • disabled persons, disabled children and persons who accompany disabled persons of I group or disabled children (no more than one companion);
  • war veterans;
  • the liquidators of Chernobyl  Nuclear Power Station accident
  • persons who arrived by trip ticket on treatment, sanitation, rehabilitation to therapeutic, sports and recreation facilities, which are licensed to practice medicine and accredited by the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine; (Article 268 amended by Law № 3609-VI (3609–17) from 07.07.2011)
  • children under 18 years; (Article 268 amended by Law № 3609-VI (3609–17) from 07.07.2011)
  • children therapeutic, sports and recreation facilities (Article 268 amended by Law № 3609-VI (3609–17) from 07.07.2011).

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