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The Birthday of very fashionable print gloss VIVA in the ALFAVITO Hotel - Alfavito




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The Birthday of very fashionable print gloss VIVA in the ALFAVITO Hotel

We are glad to inform you, that on the 25th of September, one very fashionable print gloss VIVA celebrated it’s 9th birthday. The event took part in the FORTE Café-bar of the luxurious ALFAVITO art-hotel. The most amplitudinous event was decorated in the style of the famous train Orient Express.
The magazine accepted warm wishes from Ani Lorak, Svetlana Tarabarova, Anna and Alina Zavalskaya, Vitaliy Kozlovskiy, Erika, Aleksandr Skichko, Denis and Anna Selantievy, Konstantin Stogniy, Semen Gorov, Maria Yaremchuk, Kolya Serga, Gregoriy Reshetnik, Kseniya Bugrimova, Ektor Himenez-Bravo, Nadezhda Matveeva, Solomiya Vitvitskaya, Lera Chernenko, Elena Frolyak, Tonya Matvienko, Natalia Gordienko, Andrey Kishe and others.
The chief cook surprised everyone with daintith dishes and picant refreshments. As the culmination of the evening there became the ceremonial removal of the Birthday cake, cooked by pastry chefs of ALFAVITO.
Stellar trip was accompanied by a rich concert program with performance of Kiev Tango Project and Jamala. Exclusive jewelry and fascinating journey were raffled. The winner of the show Ukraine’s Got Talent-3, illusionist Vitaly Luzkar, presented unforgettable show. Live music, pleasant company and lots of smiles made the evening a bright and welcoming.


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