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Famous explorer Ben Saunders at the ALFAVITO Hotel

ALFAVITO Hotel with the Foundation of Elizabeth Yurusheva "Choosing future together" and organizer of the Forum One Ukraine – company Olerom Consulting - prepared an exciting and unforgettable event for pupils of Berdichev and Gorodnyanskogo boarding schools with the famous tireless researcher, conqueror of the North and South poles - Ben Sanders.
Ben Saunders - the world's first man who passed from the Antarctic coast to the South Pole and back. In addition, he set a world record managing to reach the North Pole skiing at the age of 26 years. Expeditions Ben Sanders lasted 180 days at very low temperatures of -30° C to -50° C. Proved on its own example that there is no limit of human capabilities, Ben Sanders also shared his experience with orphaned children who have difficults without the support of relatives.
Communication with Ben Sanders impressed and inspired children. Ben Saunders - a bright example of how the wildest dreams come true and the most difficult goals are achieved. The children asked many questions about how difficulties overcome in the expedition, how the explorer ate and slept. In conclusion, Ben Sanders wished children great success on the way and said that the Japanese meaning of "test" and "opportunities" are designated in one word.
ALFAVITO Hotel expresses its gratitude to the organizers, cheerful kids for positive emotions and personally to Ben Sanders for incredible motivation and inspiration!

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